Formatted FAT Disk Recovery

How to Regain Data from FAT Formatted Hard Drive?

When the file allocation table is not working properly, you might not be able to boot your system. Is your FAT file system become damaged due to formatting or re-installation of operating system or any file system error? If your FAT file system becomes damaged or corrupt due to formatting, reformatting, partitioning, repartitioning or any other file system error then you can use the formatted hard disk recuperation software to restore FAT disk boot sector and formatted disks. The hard disk recuperation software for FAT formatted drive is a non-destructible and reliable utility.

This utility scans the disk and recoups the original FAT file structure. When Windows FAT file system becomes corrupt then it shows the message "The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" In such situation make use of software that can easily restore FAT disk drive. It is a fully wizard-based, means there is no technical knowledge required to use this software. A novice person can also recover data from damaged and formatted hard disk. This software does not write on formatted hard disk so you can recover the data without any loss. Recovery software scans every single sector, it never misses recoverable data. Recovery software works on the occasions:

  • Recovers formatted drive from NTFS to FAT16 or FAT32.
  • Damaged or corrupt allocation table recovery.
  • Lost or deleted directory recovery.
  • Recovery of damaged boot sector.
  • Damaged dynamic disks recovery.
  • Serves as NTFS disk recuperation tool to reclaim lost data
  • Recovers damaged/lost partitions by virus attack or with MBR corruption.
  • Disk recovery after crash.  

However, the reason might be any hard disk recovery software is always there to assist you to get back your important data and storage media. It can easily recoup the data from formatted Iomega eGo BlackBell portable 1TB Mac edition HDD.

This software Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXT2/EXT3, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX all files system and compatible with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista /2008/7 and Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion operating system. We use the Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB portable hard drive for fast data transfer speed, plenty of data storage with excellent performance. This software helps to regain accidentally deleted data from Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB portable hard drive in a couple of minutes.

You can become certain about the software by using it’s trial version. You need to download and install the software and if become sure then you can purchase the software. Using the trial version you can restore FAT file system drive and preview files but you can’t save it. Therefore you have to purchase the software. You can add/edit new file signature according to recover file format. Due to its proficient and expert designed recovery software, it already supports more than 300 file format and recovers the data in two different views "Data View" and "File Type View". With this tool, you can even get back formatted SSD disk data with ease. To know more details, click here

These are following steps for how to restore FAT drive:

  1. Launch the software by double clicking on shortcut icon into your PC and select "Recover Partitions/Drives" option.

  2. Restore FAT - Home Page

    Fig (a): Home Page

  3. Select the drive from list of detected drive from which you want to recvoer FAT file system.

    Restore FAT - Select The Drive

    Fig (b): Select The Drive

  5. After complete recovery of file system, you can save the recovered files after activating the trial.

  6. Restore FAT - Save the Recovered File

    Fig (c): Save the Recovered File

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For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users
For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users
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